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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Water Striders- Jitterbug

Water Striders- Jitterbug
7 x 7"
acrylic on canvas
© Nicki Ault, 2011

This is the painting I did this week as a gift to go with the two other "Water Strider" paintings purchased by a friend. I have done several in this series, some quite large, and the inspiration comes from a visit to one of my favorite plein air painting locations, Spruce River. On this particular time I was there painting, the river was alive with little water strider bugs on the surface. The water was swirling and spinning causing the reflection of the forest above to be completely abstract. It was dancing and alive. It was beautiful! I hope these little paintings gives my friend joy. Below are the two paintings that will go with "Water Striders- Jitterbug".


The show in Ayr celebrating the centenary of International Women's Day is winding down. It will close on Sunday, April 10th. You can see my contribution to this collaboration here. From the updates I have received it sounds like it was a huge success in every way, but most importantly over $4000.00 has been raised for Haitian relief for the women and children in desperate need. To see images of all the work in the show, please click here. Also, a book has been created showcasing all of the artwork as well as narratives written by each artist. If you are interested in purchasing one please contact Jill Yuzwa at AyrSpace Gallery.


graziano tessarolo said...

Bello il riflesso della vita mosso dall'acqua.
ciao Graziano

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

These paintings would bring anyone joy. Your delight in nature, and the way nature "paints" such exciting images is wonderful. Plus your incredible skill painting this is amazing.


Nicki said...

Vi ringrazio per le gentili parole, Graziano.


Barbara, I know you like these reflections! I'm so happy you see joy in them. I hope my friend will as well.

XO Nicki

Judy Adamson said...

Anyone who claims not to like 'abstract' art should look at these! Even without knowing where you got your inspiration, they are so full of life and movement that they're very 'real' at the same time as being 'abstract'... (not expressing myself at all well here so might as well just say 'I like them a lot!')

-Don said...

I'm jealous of your friend... I want three Niki Aults... Oh well, I guess I'll settle for my one for now. ;-)

These are fun. I really enjoy all three, but especially the one on the lower left.


Nicki said...

Judy, what a compliment! You are very gracious and I'm glad you "like them a lot!"


Hi Don,

He he... I hope you enjoy your Ault original for a very along time! May it act like a window to the world... *wink, wink*.

Ah, Mambo#5- yup- I like it too. It was different and wasn't working so I went back in and came up with this.

Take care,