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Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Still Here!

My new easel!

I have been painting, but don't have photos to share yet. Once I get a good picture (hopefully tomorrow) I will show you the big "commission" I have been working on. You can see part of it in the corner- it is a mossy scene from deep in the woods in Northern Saskatchewan. I call it a commission, but it is not a formal situation. I am painting it with someone in mind and what she loves. She has some of my paintings already and told me what she was looking for, so hopefully this will fit the bill.

I finally purchased an easel! I found one I wanted online and patiently waited for it to go on sale and finally it did! Woo hoo!... except that it came damaged. The brush/paint tray was cracked. It actually thought I would live with it, so I built it. As I built it, however, I found more and more problems- for instance, three of the four casters were bent so it rolled like a wonky shopping cart! Finally I decided to take it all apart and send it back. The customer service was (thankfully) exceptional, and because of that I took my chances and had them send me a new one on the condition they packed it better. They did and this one is problem-free (mostly)!

You can see on my fabulous new easel that there are three little paintings. Two have been sold to an old high school friend that I have reconnected with through a mutual friend. I am painting a third to go with them as a surprise gift. She is in the midst of an unimaginable situation right now that I can hardly bear to spend much time thinking about. Is it crazy to hope that she will feel loved and supported just by looking at each brushstroke? Is it crazy to wish that my little painting could emit healing energy to anyone it was near? If only...


-Don said...

You're not crazy, it's a beautiful wish. I pray it comes true...

What I can see of your biggie in the corner has me excited. I can't wait to see a better photo of it - so hurry up! :-)

Your easel looks great - maybe a little too clean for my tastes, but that's just me. Kudos to the easel's customer support for making this right for you. Too bad you had to build it twice.


LindaHunt said...

Your studio looks so neat...mine is unruly! I understand the irritation of a damaged product and glad that it worked out! I think that your wish for your friend is very touching...I am sure that it will help to ease some of the difficulty.

Kim said...

That's a beautiful wish! And I think gestures like that DO help. Not necessarily the situation, but the person to know they are being thought of and loved : )Your studio is CLEAN! And the paintings - what I can see of them - look great!

Barbara M. said...

No it isn't crazy. One of my portraits at school is of a friend who was going through an incredibly bad time when I asked to paint her. I painted her wearing a contented smile that I had to manufacture because it was not there. And you know what? She is so happy and contented now a few years later. Paintings and the thoughts that go with them have power. Yours do for sure -- the power of joy. I believe in you.


suzanneberry said...

a beautiful sentiment. and if you believe in healing with your work then it will heal, even if it does so in ways we can't see. congratulations on your new collection! beautiful pieces both!

and also congrats on receiving an almost boo-boo free easel! i still can't use mine, have had it 3 years now. it was a final sale and nothing on it works. i just like the way it looks in the studio i don't use. i'm using an aluminum one. so looking forward to seeing your commission. my best wishes for a joyful outcome for your friend.

Nicki said...

Thanks Don, I hope my wish comes true. And I will post the big painting soon. I think I have a decent photo of it now, I just have to get it cropped. The easel won't stay clean for long... as long as I can get myself to the studio- it's been hard lately- lots going on.


Hi Linda,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. My studio is rather tidy, but I haven't been there much lately. The last two times I went, I had two big spills; I knocked my pail of dirty acrylic water everywhere- wall, floor, table, easel, my boots and then I also dropped a jar of white gesso and of course it landed opening down! Those messes spurred on a bit of an overall clean-up!

My new easel is wonderful, I'm glad I took my chances and ordered another.


Hi Kim,

Thank you for those words. They mean a lot and I hope they are true.


Hi Barbara,

I'm glad your friend was able to find happiness and contentment. Your work exudes joy and I am sure the smile you manufactured for her actually gave her hope that someday it really could be there.

"The power of joy"- you are the master!

Good night, my Yoda!

XO Nicki

Hi Suzanne,

So nice to hear from you. Yes, sometimes we can't see the way we help people and many times never know, but that doesn't matter. What matters is we try. Thank you for your kind wishes for my friend.

I am so happy to have an easel. I had been using a portable aluminum easel, the one I use for plein air painting. I feel all official now!!! This one will be much better for working on larger canvases and I like that I can wheel it around easily to different areas of my space.

Take care,