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Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm In The News!

Front page headline in today's paper!

The article on the first page of the second section in today's paper!

What an amazing five days I have had! I am so happy to be home to hug my boys and get back to our busy life, but despite missing them I was able to have a wonderful time in Guelph, Ayr and Toronto. Unfortunately my flight was extremely late getting into Saskatoon last night. There were many delays leaving Toronto which put us three hours behind schedule. Ouch! Once in Saskatoon the taxi driver kindly whisked me home and I finally crawled into bed at 2:45 a.m. I'm a tired girl tonight, but I wanted to share the article that appeared in today's Star Phoenix and also I wanted to post a photo from the "Artist's Preview" weekend in Ayr, Ont.

I am so grateful for this International Women Celebrate! experience. Since beginning my blog a year and a half ago I have "met" many wonderful artists through emails and blog comments. I always hoped someday I would have an opportunity to meet some of them. This past weekend in Ayr I finally had that chance and it was fantastic! I have felt a "virtual" connection with these women for a while now, but it was a thrill to meet them in person and discover that it is not imagined or wishful thinking, but actually a real connection! These four women truly are as fabulous as they seem on a computer screen!

I am so sleepy I can hardly see straight, so I must get to bed. I will share more photos and stories very soon, but in the meantime read this post by Barbara Muir. She has eloquently put into words how she felt after this weekend and it just so happens that I feel the same way.


Anonymous said...

hey Nicki great to see the newspaper article and a picture of fellow blogging artists altogether:)

Pam Holnback said...

This is so cool! All of it: the article, the show, the artists!

ddthoms said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your article, the IWC show and the synergies you created with your fellow bloggers. I'm so very happy for you!! You are a inspirational role model for us all as Women and as Artists. Deb T

Sheila said...

Oh I am so happy for you! That article is FANTASTIC! A wonderful tribute to your wonderful work. Congratulations Nicki! (hugs!!!)

Judy Adamson said...

What an amazing experience!

Very well done, Nicki!

suzanneberry said...

YEAH!!!!! wow, nicki, i have goosepimps!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! what a wonderful experience, i so should have gone. what an incredible article!!!! I LOVE seeing your painting and photo in the paper, it's just so wonderful and so deserved. get some rest and i can't put into words how good this makes me feel.

Karen Martin Sampson said...

This is wonderful...congratulations!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

Happy International Women's Day. Good for you! Congratulations on the newspaper piece. No one deserves acclaim more. I loved meeting you, and your painting is beautiful.


Janie B said...

That is really cool! How nice to meet those inspirational ladies. Rest up with memories of a great experience.

Paloma said...

Hi Nicki! It was nice to meet you the other day =D You are very beautiful! And your portrait is beautiful too, obviously. I am very happy that you are spending more time on yourself, its very important =) I hope to be able to be a strong woman and continue to make art when I have kids myself one day. And congrats on the article!!

Nicki said...

Hi Rahina,
Yes, it was so great to be with these ladies that I have long admired.

Hi Pam,
It was all super cool. I took some photos of your painting which I will email to you soon.

DEB! Thank you! You are so sweet and I miss you! Thank you for your words.

Hi Sheila, thank you! A big hug right back at ya!

Thank you, Judy! Amazing is the right word for it!

Hi Suzanne. Oh, I wish you could have been there too! That really would have capped the weekend off for me! I'll be sending you some photos soon. Your painting was even more gorgeous in person!

Thank you Karen! Nice to hear from you again.

Hi Barbara, you are so sweet and I, too, loved meeting you. I am still smiling and giggle each time I think of your laugh.

Hi Janie,
It was a very inspirational weekend and it did meet some strong, talented women, that is for sure.

Hi Paloma,
What a treat to see a message from you! You are such a talented young woman and I am so happy you joined the collaboration. You are going places my dear!

Thank you, friends, for your genuine enthusiasm for me at such an exciting time!!! You are the best!!!


-Don said...

I don't know how I missed this the day you posted it...

WOW! I am so happy for you. This is so well deserved.

How cool to meet several of your online friends. What a fun and rewarding adventure this was for you.

I'll bet after a couple of good night sleeps you are inspired and I cannot wait to see what comes of it.


Nicki said...

Hi Don,

I had so much fun meeting these women. It is going to be one of the top ten highlights of my year.

Yes, this news coverage was quite cool... I certainly didn't expect to see my mug in so many places! :o) And when will I ever be in the headlines with Donald Trump again??? The tenth of never??? When hell freezes over??? When I stop liking whipped cream???



Jill said...

What a great moment!


Nicki said...

Thanks Jill, for this amazing experience!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Wicked awesome to see all of you together! Congrats!

Nicki said...

Hi Mary,

I like that! It was "wicked awesome" to be with them!