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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Auction tomorrow

Top : View From A Clearing
7 x 7"
oil and acrylic on canvas

Bottom : New World Clouds
7 x 7"
oil on canvas

Three of my little paintings have been chosen for a "Curated Auction" of original art taking place in town tomorrow. The two shown above will be auctioned together as a set and then "Haze" will be auctioned on it's own. It is one of the main fundraisers for Sexual Health Saskatoon, so I hope it will be a successful day. A couple of months ago two gentlemen came around to our studio and selected pieces from about five of us to put in the auction. I think in total they gathered work from approximately 25 local artists. Most are very established, but they like to get work from emerging artists as well. I guess that's the category I fall into! This is a long standing auction in town and, I'm told from an artist's perspective, a good one in which to be involved.

10 x 10"
oil on canvas

I think I will attend the viewing time tomorrow- I am curious to see all of the art, but then I think I will bolt when the auction starts! It would be extremely embarrassing if the room was dead quiet when my work comes up! I don't want to stand there listening to crickets! Ha!  

If you live in or near Saskatoon, the viewing of the work is at 3:00 in the Albert Community Centre and the auction starts at 4:00. Bring your wallet... you may get a great deal on an original painting by Degen Lindner, Jane Harington, Jan Corcoran, Miranda Jones or possibly even Greg Hardy!!!


Judy Adamson said...

How exciting, Nicki!

I'm sure that it will and am looking forward to hearing about it...

Nicki said...

Thanks Judy! Stay tuned...

Kim said...

Good luck and congratulations Nicki! They are 3 gems. Love the motion and "weather" in them : )

-Don said...

Haze would have me bidding, for sure. I love all three, but those oranges that show through in Haze complimented by that blue horizon really trip my trigger.

I hope the auction did well for the charity. Fingers crossed...


Nicki said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks! I do enjoy painting "weather" and in Saskatchewan with our skies I can get some excellent resource material.


Hi Don,

Ha! Nice expression, "trip my trigger". I hadn't heard that one before.

Yes, actually after I picked up Haze from the framer I kind of had a secret wish that maybe it wouldn't sell because I thought I might like to keep it. I really liked how it turned out.


Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

I hope they sold at a great price. You are not an emerging artist. You're part of a vibrant, international art community.

Good for you!


Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

I haven't heard what they went for yet- I'm just glad they went and the non-profit will get something (hopefully a decent amount).