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Monday, April 26, 2010

Three Dreams Gone

Three Dreams Gone
acrylic on canvas
(Note: This painting doesn't exist anymore! I painted over it!)

I started this at the studio on Friday and finished it today. I used a photo and a bit of memory to do this one. Memory of the day I painted a similar piece last summer and a photo to incorporate three little dead trees that I found near the water's edge on Fairy Island at Emma Lake. I don't mind this one but I think the way the original idea was painted was much more expressive and loose. Here you can see the one I am talking about called "They'll Never Meet". Maybe these paintings are a good illustration of the spontaneous feel you can get from plein air painting as compared to the more thought out approach that occurs in the controlled environment of the studio. Or else I was just in a different mood! 

I also got the groundwork done on a big canvas last Friday, but managed to distract myself enough today that I didn't try to tackle it. Maybe tomorrow... 


-Don said...

I agree with your observations about the two pieces. They both are really nice, but the expressiveness of the first one is a little more engaging for me. However, I really like the contrast created by the three dead trees in this one and the commentary it alludes to. So, I guess I should say I like them equally well, but on two different levels.

6 months IS a lot of time between paintings and life has a tendency to creep into our work. So, I'd say mood could have had as much to do with it as time and place.

Good luck on the big canvas. I look forward to seeing what's coming from it...


suzanneberry said...

Nicki, very interesting contrast. I can see the spontaneity in the "live" one, however I really love this one as well. Great jobs.

Melanie Rawlings said...

Oh my gosh, i believe i have meet my twin. I was reading your profile, and i know just how you feel. I'm also from Canada. What part are you from?. Your paintings are wonderful. C'mon over and take a peek at my blog.
*big Canuc Hug*

Nicki said...

Hi Don,

Yup, a lot can happen in six months and I guess I am proof of that. The accident is becoming more of a memory, but it's effect on me was greater than I originally realized.

I wonder what the next six months will bring...

Glad you like both of these.


Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for swinging by and I really love the doggie portraits you have up right now.

I've flipped back and forth between these two paintings and I am also quite surprised at the contrast.


Hi Melanie,

Thanks for leaving a comment, feel free to any time. It is always nice to meet people who can relate to what you say. You must be a mom/artist, too? I guess I'll head over to find out!