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Friday, April 16, 2010


acrylic on canvas
(tweaked and reposted 04/21/10)

This is the larger canvas I have been working on a the studio and it is postable at this point, but still may not be finished. I am not sure the tree in the sun looks bright enough. That, or maybe the surrounding area needs to be a bit darker. I'm relatively happy with it so at least that feels great. I want it to look like there is a spotlight on that dead tree and the moss bed around it..

I am off to a weekend scrapbooking retreat and I am taking my paints with me, so maybe I will even be able to do a little plein air painting in the countryside. I used to scrapbook on a regular basis (mainly photos of the kids) but in the last two years I all but stopped. However, in the last two years I attended this weekend "scrapfest" with my good pal, Nancy. It is great to have a chunk of time to focus and feel like something was getting  accomplished. Unfortunately Nancy isn't going this year, but in the end I decided to grab one of the last two open spots, so I am going by myself! I may know some people when I get there anyway, but if I don't I am happy to get a little me time. It will be nice not to have to be a referee for two days or say things like "Eat your food. Come on, this is taking too long" or "Enough with the poop jokes" or "Yes you have to brush your teeth" or "I don't care who started it...". Sigh. You get the idea and the list could go on. I love being a stay-at-home-mom, but it is so hard not to get a mental break from that stuff. Funny thing is that I am going, in part, to get a break from the people, but really I will be staring at photos of them all weekend as I scrapbook memories!


-Don said...

I know how you Mom's are. You'll be thinking about them all weekend long, whether you're looking at their photos or not. :-)

"Spotlight" is really nice. I have a couple thoughts if you're interested: don@donmichaeljr.com.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

:)..i like ur new painting!!
waiting to see the finished version!

hav a gr8 weekend!!

Nicki said...

Hi Don,

I did think of the boys all weekend. But I also zoned out occasionally and just enjoyed being quiet and the freedom of time that was at my disposal.

I will be emailing you soon... you have got me curious!


Hi Jasy,

Thanks... if I make any significant changes I will repost it... we'll see what Don suggests! :)


-Don said...

Isn't it great how such minor tweaks can make such a difference? I really feel like you've taken this up a notch. Great job.


Nicki said...

Hey Don,

You've got that right and really I didn't change a lot, just the areas you suggested. And I think I enlarged the shadow of the tree on the far right at the top of the hill. Thank you sooo much. It really does feel finished to me now.

You are THE MAN!