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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bright Summer Light

Bright Summer Light
acrylic on canvas
Well, here it is. It took me longer than expected, but I think it is now done... unless I get looking at it too closely again! I'm sure I could keep working on it, but for now it is time to stop, put it away and move on. It didn't end up being as much like "Looking Up" as I originally thought. It is more an examination of this section of this particular pine tree which had a bunch of dead, broken branches coming off it's amazingly textured trunk and the strong shadows they cast. I remember when I took the photo I thought how glorious this old tree looked standing there so proud, lit up by the bright summer light. I hope I conveyed some of that here in this painting. 

Thanks for stopping by to check it out.


Sheila said...

Wow, now this is awesome Nicki! I have admired the texture of bark on these large trees but have never taken on the challenge of trying to paint them. You did an amazing job! I feel I could reach over and flick a piece of bark off right now. What I love also is all that negative space you painted on the tree limbs behind the main subject. The fine twigs really draw the eye toward the center.

Janie B said...

I absolutely LOVE this painting. If I could afford it, I'd buy it from you. Seriously, it's beautiful.

-Don said...

Well done, Nicki! I agree with what Sheila said and would like to add that I LOVE your color choices. Those reds in the trunk against the greens in the limbs really "pop".


Pierre Raby said...

Vibrant and beautiful! Highly communicative just like you Nicki, we may feel the essence of the tree.
I love this painting.

Barbara M. said...

Hi NIcki,

This is a fabulous painting. So powerful and evocative of that intense feeling of wonder you get looking at a tree like this in mid-summer, with the sap oozing in places and the feeling of gracious age. Also I can almost smell that wonderful woodsy tree smell.

Great work.

Take care,


Nicki said...

Hi Sheila,

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I really appreciate that you feel such a sense of the texture... to the point you want to flick it! Cool! I also am glad you think the background branches/twigs are helpful in directing the eye. Thanks!


Hi Janie,

Thank you so much! What a wonderful compliment... it may be more affordable than you think... :0)


Hi Don,

Thank you very much for that... You really know your way around the colour wheel so I appreciate your observations and comments.


Hi Pierre,

I am overwhelmed that you love one of my paintings. I'm a bit speechless. You made my day. Thank you for these great words.


Hi Barbara,

Oooh, you are a wonderful writer. Thank you! And I am thrilled that this painting stirred those thoughts and images and senses for you.


***Thank you all for such encouraging words. I was hesitant to post this piece... I was feeling quite inadequate through the process of painting it, so your words mean a lot.

XO Nicki

KEITH PROCTOR Painting blog said...

Hi Nicki, you are painting some beautiful work as you say Nicki its knowing when to leave it alone , this looks done to me , nice and loose and chunky isnt it , thanks for your comment, keep em coming / Keith

Anonymous said...

yes, it is definately finished Nicki.... and beautifully at that! i love the title too. r.

Liliana Lucki said...

Trabajos maravillosos.

Buena luz,bello.

Saluda desde Argentina,Liliana

jdr said...

This is a fantastic painting, Nick! Wow! You should be proud of it!

Good to see you for a minute yesterday ... glad my babe is feeling better.

Love you so much!

Nicki said...

Hi Keith,
Nice to hear from you. Yes, finally I felt that it was finished and I am glad you agree.

Hi Rahina,
Thanks so much and I appreciate your comment about the title. I wasn't sure because it doesn't include a mention of the actual tree.

Gracias por sus comentarios, Liliana. Me hicieron feliz. Espero que usted visitara a mi blog otra vez.

Thanks for your comments Liliana, they made me happy. I hope you will visit my blog again sometime.

Hi JJ,
I'm glad you like this one...yay!
XO Nicki

Paul Coventry-Brown said...

Hi Nicki

Another lovely combination of colour, light and texture. I love tree bark but gave up trying to pain it ;-)

Nicki said...

Hi Paul,

Wow, thank you for stopping by and also for leaving a comment. I appreciate your feedback on this one.


suzanneberry said...

Nicki, this is STUNNING! absolutely love this, everything about it, great combination of colors!

Nicki said...

Hi Suzanne,

Thank you so much for swinging by to have another look at my stuff. I really appreciate your feedback. It definitely means a lot coming from such a talented person. I'm going to head over to see if you have posted anything since your awesome artichoke...