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Saturday, February 27, 2010

New World Clouds

New World Clouds
oil on canvas

I have been meaning to post this painting all week. It is the other painting I did on Monday when I pulled out my little starter set of oils. Actually I did this one first and "Clouds Over Emma" second. It is painted over a Burnt Sienna acrylic ground and I like the little bits that show through near the edges of the clouds and the horizon. I think there is a more subdued energy in this one compared to the last post which was done on the Cadmium Orange ground. I went down to the art supply store on Thursday and got four more little canvases so I can continue playing with my oils next week.


Barbara M. said...

What I notice most is a luxury of stroke and thickness that is just magical. I am so drawn to this work.
So... Well I might try it out in the summer. For now there is too much to do to experiment.

You are an amazing painter.

Take care,

Sheila said...

I'm glad you're having so much fun and we get to reap the beautiful results. Is a birthday coming up for that bigger set of oils?

Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

That is a fabulous word to use for oil paint... luxurious. It does feel that way. It is so supple and buttery. And although the colours I have are limited I can tell there is a richness to them that isn't quite there in the same way with acrylics. But don't get me wrong... I still love my acrylics, it is just fun to try something new... and you will have to let me now if you play with oils.

XO Nicki

Hi Sheila,

Thank you... Good idea... I'll have to start my wish list! I've got several months to plan what I want! :)