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Sunday, February 21, 2010

An Honour


Imagine my surprise when I got a lovely message from Barbara Muir saying she was giving me the Sunshine Award for creative and positive blogging. It is high praise coming from one of the most positive bloggers I have ever come across! Please swing by the link to her art blog and you will see exactly what I mean. I am quite determined to meet this amazing woman in person someday.

The rules for accepting the award are:
Put the logo on your blog or within your post,
Pass the award on to 12 Bloggers
Link to the nominees in your post
Let the nominees know they have received this award
Link to the people who gave you the award.

Okay, so I am giggling about Barbara's comment that it is too hard to choose only twelve and I, too, am a middle child who wants to be fair and not miss giving it to all the wonderful blogs I have come across. However, besides giving the award to me Barbara has also given it to many of the blogs I know and love... so what is the etiquette here? Do I double the award up and give it to the same people she did? Hmmm... I think I will try to list twelve different blogs and I will just say ditto to her list!

I'm paying the Sunshine Award forward to the following lovelies:

Deborah Ross... check out her gorgeous self-portrait blog banner
Julie Beck... now here is a creative person and I love the history and stories in her paintings 
Don Michael Jr... he paints masks with tons of personality... and also did some kick ass portraits of his three children for Christmas
Sheila... her subject matter is varied, but her style is consistently colourful and joyous... and everyone loves her!
Tatiana Myers... I recently discovered her beautiful pastel paintings and blog
Christine McCoy... she started a daily painting adventure about six months ago and I admire her ambition
Jeffrey Boron... oh, how I love his Canadian West Coast Impressionism style
Halima Washington... rich and buttery paintings done with the impasto technique
Judy Mackey... she paints with a palette knife and it's wonderful!
Lisa Daria... love, love, love her still lifes 
Liyana... a sweet young lady working hard at her dream 
Auspergertopia... a beautiful, heartfelt blog by an amazing woman...she's a prairie Martha Stewart

I want to be sure that everyone on this list knows that I chose them to acknowledge them for the enjoyment I get out of looking at their blogs and I hope now that others will find you through these links. Please do not feel obligated in any way to do anything more with this award... it is completely okay to smile and do nothing more than bask in it's sunshiny glory!

Thank you, Barbara, for shining the sun on me! XO

P.S. I need to alert everyone on this list that they have received this award, but it is now very late so I will handle that part tomorrow...


-Don said...

Nicki, Congratulations on this much deserved award. You truly epitomize what it stands for - creativity and positivity. As much as I appreciate that you nominated me, that you included my link and that you wrote such kind words about my work, I must humbly decline. Thank you...


Nicki said...

Hi Don,
You're welcome and I'm glad it made you smile.

Sheila said...

Aww thanks Nicki! It means a lot coming from an artist I love and admire. (((hugs)))) Now I'm going to look at these other artists you've listed. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

congratulations Nicki:)r.

Nicki said...

Hi Sheila,

You're welcome... hugs right back at ya!


Thanks Rahina,

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

Right back at you with the sunshine. Your work and your writing are always a delight. You've inspired me from day one of your blog -- I feel so happy to know that you are out there -- a kindred spirit in this vast land.


Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

You are so sweet and I, too, am glad to know you are out there somewhere... (that sounds like the lyrics of a Moody Blues song). And once again, thanks for thinking of me with this award.

Take care,

Nicki XO