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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Slow Road

Rained Out
acrylic on canvas
This is the other painting I have in my gallery show right now that is not for sale. It is one I am keeping. I don't think the photo does it justice, so I may have to take a new shot of it when the painting comes home. I was on my way to talk to the manager of the store where I work part-time when I decided to stop in at the gallery. I was feeling teary and I hoped that being there might brighten my spirits. It worked! I discovered red dots on two paintings that I didn't know had sold! So the count is at 17! I am beyond grateful. Speechless. My private goal was to sell half the available work and that has been accomplished!  I really need the joy right now that this brings. I browsed through the comment book where I found some wonderful notes from kind friends and gallery goers. When I receive the book at show's end I will post some excerpts.

This painting was started on site at Spruce River on the last day of the Emma Lake course in 2007, suddenly the sky opened up and the rain came down. I had to scramble to get everything packed up and back in the truck... some areas of the painting actually did start to bleed! I took it back to the studio and finished it a few hours later using memory, emotion and intuition. Then I really packed up everything and headed back to Saskatoon. 

I really have not felt like blogging these days. Well, actually that is not quite true. I have been thinking about it a lot, but just haven't been able to motivate myself to sit down and type. My kids and I have the Grey Cup on, go Riders! At the moment they are winning 27-19 against Montreal. So I decided to start typing with the game going on in the background and while the kids play/ watch. John is out with his buddies probably biting his nails with 7 minutes remaining. I love blogging and it has already opened up my world so much, but at the same time everything seems just a bit harder right now. I haven't been back to the studio and I am a bit concerned that I will be facing a painter's block when I return. I really don't know what I want to paint or focus on next. I guess the first little bit will be spent setting my workspace up. I am having difficulty standing for more than 45 minutes before my lower back starts aching, so I am not sure when I will physically be able to get back at it. In the meantime rest is the order of the day.

P.S. The Saskatchewan Rough Riders lost the Grey Cup due to a penalty right at the end of the game. Bummer. Poor Sammy cried. He doesn't think it's fair and they should change the rules.


-Don said...

Congrats on more sales! What a successful show this has been for you.

Please don't over think your return to the easel. We all deal with painter's block at some point and I've found that the best way to deal with it is to do a few "warm up" pieces to stretch the old art muscles. Inspiration and focus will often come as you do these warm ups.

If standing is too hard on your back might I suggest sitting to paint? It may seem awkward at first, but you'll get used to it. I actually sit a while and stand a while when I'm working, just to mix it up and keep myself from stressing any part of my body from overuse.


Chuck Dilmore said...

the red dots
do not surprise me!
Nicki - your work is fabula!

and the one you kept...
well chosen!

i like what Don said... adding:
it's good to let
life come to us, for a while.

peace & love
to you & yours~

Deborah Ross said...

Hi- I'm sorry to hear you are still feeling so physically slammed from the accident. I know it is a horrible thing to get over. I hope you are going to physical therapy.
On a brighter note, WOW!! 17 paintings sold! I'm so happy for you. I think when you go back to the studio you will know what to do. Just paint with your heart.

Nicki said...

Hi Don,

You are right, I shouldn't over think it and I shouldn't get panicky before there is a need. I like the idea of just doing warm-up exercises and I hope it is true that inspiration will follow.

In the past I have sat to paint, but recently only had a very uncomfortable stool to sit on with no back, and so standing worked better. I think alternating sounds like the best solution. Today my parents spoiled me with a belated birthday gift... a drafting table and fully supportive chair for my new studio! So when I feel I am ready to get creating my back will be thanking me!

I appreciate your comments and friendly advice. You are a true gentleman. Thank you,


Hi Chuck,

"Sometimes it's good to let life come to us, for a while"

Thank you for that. Truly, it gave me a moment where I paused and had a tiny tear. Yes, that is what I need right now and that is what I will try to do. Another gentleman in my midst!

By the way, did I mention I like your book? :)

Your fan,

Hi Deb,

Yes, I am more affected than I think I have even still admitted to myself. I look fine and can do most of my daily things, but heavy lifting, standing/walking for much more than an hour and lots of rotations and movements with my torso all seem to really take their toll.

The painting sales have been a bright spot and I feel so encouraged to continue on and try to see where this all might lead. I hope I will be able to paint from my heart and that it will show in each piece I eventually create.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

another beautiful piece Nicki. another artist said to me 'artistic block? i can't afford to have one'... though i think he did suffer from a mild one at one point:)