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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Whoops, I Did It Again!

I am feeling so excited and so guilty all at once. I don't know how I talked myself into this because I am such a frugal person and sooooo not an impulsive shopper....(ask my sisters and my mom), but it has happened again!!! I have won a painting on Ebay!!! There were 4 hours left when I got looking at this auction and I tossed a bid in, but my bid was quickly topped, so then I tossed a higher bid in which wasn't topped.... however the reserve price was not met. I had to get Tommy to a birthday party and Sammy to his soccer game, so I let it sit for a bit while I got those things done. When I got back to my house before picking up Tommy from the party, there were 44 minutes remaining on the auction and I realized that this was the Pierre Raby painting I wanted... and I rationalized that I sold some of my paintings so it made sense to pay it forward, right? And I deserve a little splurge, right? Especially after the last two crapola months, right? So I made my next move which hit the reserve price and nobody else entered the bidding, so... it is mine!!! Oh the guilt... oh the excitement... oh the guilt... I am incredibly thrilled that this went my way, but I am feeling quite guilty because we have a van to buy and Christmas is around the corner.... oh dear... and yet I am very happy!!!

If you want to see my new purchase click here to check out "Tattooed Bridge"... it is awesome!!! Pierre Raby is a Canadian painter based in Montreal and his work blows my mind! I remember the first time I came across his blog I thought it was strange that he was posting so many photos, but just chalked it up to him maybe having a dry spell with his painting (kind of like me right now). Then I noticed the small print under one black and white work that said "oil on canvas". I remember saying, "What???!!!" out loud and then madly scrolling through his blog to look at all the fine print. Sure enough nothing I had been looking at was a photo! Unbelievable. Impressive. And Canadian! 

The above pencil drawing was done several years ago in a Life Drawing evening class I took with Degen Lindner. And really shouldn't be viewed after you have possibly looked at Pierre's work, but oh well, I am what I am!


Chuck Dilmore said...

incredible drawing, Nicki!

and congrats on shopping victoriously!
what are we if we can't
reward ourselves!

you did great!
you'l thank yourself
every time you see it!


Nicki said...

Thanks Chuck, for supporting me in this victory! I will get a lifetime of enjoyment from it, so you are right... guilt be gone!

:0) Nicki

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the latest buy! Pierre is an amazing painter and the bridge is great.
hey are you starting portraits? :)

Deborah Ross said...

Nice drawing, especially the sensitive mouth.
I, too, admire Pierre's work, but I don't have any. That makes you luckier than me....

Nicki said...

Hi Rahina,

Thank you...I am very excited to call "Tattooed Bridge" mine. I haven't started portraits or done any painting/art lately, but I was just reading about some classes for the new year. I may take one to get a boost in the right direction. This drawing was done in a class several years ago.

Nice to hear from you,

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for the comment on the drawing. I'm not sure I am luckier than you... but I am happy to have this painting. Pierre has begun another blog called "Painted Snapshots" which are smaller in scale than some of his others... you should try for one of those... you wouldn't be sorry.

Take care,