Friday, November 17, 2017

Keep Me Where The Light Is

Keep Me Where The Light Is
24 x 48"
oil on canvas
© Nicki Ault, 2017

ONE DONE! Three to go.

This big fella came out better than I hoped! I love it and it is way better in person! A new camera is on my wish list... and a tripod!

I always listen to music as I paint. The energy of the music often influences my work and keeps my brain engaged in various ways. Occasionally words or lyrics jump out at me and that was the case while painting this piece. I was listening to "Gravity" by John Mayer and the line "keep me where the light is" caught my attention. I immediately knew that was the name for this painting. 

These sunset water reflections are quite powerful, especially at the scale of this one. I think the glowing light and glistening water offer a sense of hope and beauty. The sun might be going down , but there will be a tomorrow; there will be light again. As someone who has struggled with depression (I think a very extended post-partum depression) and who has watched others struggle, sometimes just getting through the day, if you actually get out of bed, is a miracle. I truly hope that whoever ends up with this painting, feels my positive energy radiating from it, and that it helps keep them where the light is, depressed or not. 

We need more hope in this world and art can help with that.

This painting will be at Open Studio on Sunday. Come if you can!

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