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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hillside Opening

Hillside Opening
8 x 8"
oil on cradled panel
© Nicki Ault, 2013
available exclusively at Lifestyles by Darrell Bell Gallery

It has been a long, long winter in Saskatchewan. Long. Very long. I am ready to welcome this late spring with open arms and one way to do that is to get outside and paint, so that is on my agenda for the coming week. I am also eager to get some plein air painting practice under my belt for an adventure that I am eagerly awaiting.

Several months ago I met the owner, Cliff Speer, of an outdoor adventure company called CanoeSki and in our conversation I mentioned the idea of a plein air painting adventure via canoes. I explained that I really enjoyed painting in the open air and would love to have access to remote places- especially in the northern part of our province. When I paint outside I am usually alone so I am not likely to go too far off the beaten path, but I would love to go on an excursion that was a bit more involved. When I think of plein air painting I envision the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson paddling and hiking around lakes and rugged terrain to find the perfect painting spot. I've always wanted that experience- it seems very romantic! 

Happily Cliff contacted me in the new year and voila, he was working on a plan and wanted some input. With some back and forth emails, phone conversations, a few suggestions from moi and a whole bunch of work on his part, Cliff has now launched "Canoeing and Painting in the Wild"! The excursion is going to run mid-August this year and I am thrilled! Now we have to get enough people signed up and on board for the adventure. Please take a minute to look at the following links where you will find more information:

Overview: http://www.canoeski.com/northern-waterways-canoe-trips-2/

Details and description: http://www.canoeski.com/canoeing-and-painting-in-the-wild/

Cliff's blog: http://www.canoeski.com/canoeing-and-painting/canoeing-and-painting-in-the-wild/

Thank you to Cliff for grabbing this idea and running with it and also for using my plein air paintings as visuals on his website. I hope it is a huge success!


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

Beautiful painting, and great idea for plein air painters. You are really on a roll girl.

XO Barbara

Nicki said...

The canoe trip has me really excited. I hope it goes!

XO Nicki