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Friday, November 19, 2010

Three Loves

Three Loves
4.75 x 4.75"
acrylic on paper
© Nicki Ault, 2010
private collection

My days have been so busy getting work ready for the Open Studio, the "Little Gems" juried show and my solo show that there has been no time for blogging. Well, there probably has been time somewhere between midnight and 7 a.m., but I decided to sleep!

The above painting is one in a series of three little pieces I did this fall for one of my very best friends. She and her family moved into a new house over the summer and I decided I'd like to give her paintings as a house warming gift. She is incredibly supportive and enthusiastic in regards to my artwork and has even purchased 5 of my paintings over the last few years. The sad part (for me) is that before they moved they lived right across the street from us! Now they are in a new neighborhood and I miss her terribly. What a difference it made to my day even if  I only waved at her in the morning as we were getting into our cars. We won't lose touch, but it is different.

I actually made 6 paintings this size and let her pick her favorite three to put in frames I bought at Ikea this past summer. Once she chose the ones she wanted I titled them so they had some relevance to her. She is a real home-body and adores her husband, son and daughter. I named this one "Three Loves" because of her true love for each of these people. I'll show you the rest of this series over the next few days. 

Hope everyone is well! Winter hit us hard in Saskatchewan yesterday! Brrrr!   


Barbara M. said...

A beautfiul painting and lovely story. Hey Nicki I think we're going to be in a show together. Thanks for telling me about it.

XO Barbara

Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

Thank you- my friend is the best and I feel lucky to have her in my life. We actually went to the same elementary school, but I was one year older than her. She went to a different high school so really we knew each other, but not well in those days. One day soon after they moved onto our street I was heading out to my car and I heard "Nicki Racine?" I looked up and there she was! The connection was instant and, I believe lasting.

I'm so glad I did send you that info! I actually couldn't remember if I had- my mind has been in a million places these days. It is an exciting project and I think it is a perfect fit for you! Yay!

Nicki XO