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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Open Studio Tomorrow

I just got home from putting the last touches on my studio space. It looks really good and I took photos to share with you. If you happen to live in or near Saskatoon swing by and say "hi". All 11 artists will be there from 11-5 and we'd love to show you our work and where we create it. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. It's my first Open Studio and I want it to go well... I am hoping I will get a real positive response to my work from all the artsy types that may come through. I really want them to like me... sales schmales... I just want to be liked!

Standing in the doorway looking into my space.
You can see the wonderful sculptures of another artist
in the space just beyond mine...

Starting at my shelves and working clockwise around my workspace...

From the far end of the studio this wall looks pretty dramatic...

Standing by the sculptors space looking back at mine
toward the door where I took the first photo...

A close up of my "grid" of small work...

My drafting table/desk area with my awesome
Mastercraft rolling work station...

And finally a close-up shot of the top of the work station.

That's all folks! I have a bit more work to do for tomorrow and then I am hitting the sheets!


Janie B said...

What a beautiful and functional place to create your gorgeous art! I love the wall of big paintings. So beautiful!

Barbara M. said...

Wow Nicki,

I am so excited for you. Your work is awesome and there is so much of it! I am sure you'll have a magnificent time. I so wish I could be there. I've been to Saskatoon, and loved it. Wishing you all the best for super show.


Judy Adamson said...

Hi Nicki - how exciting! I'm sure it will all go very well indeed!

I didn't realise that some of your work is so big - I love big paintings!

Do you have a visitor's book for people to leave comments?

-Don said...

Thanks for sharing these photos of your studio. I was like, "I want that one, and that one, and that one...". Your work is powerful. Kudos! I see that you have a couple other of your masterpieces posted on the bulletin board over your desk. Handsome lads...


Nicki said...

Hi Janie,

Yes, I feel so lucky to have a space in this studio. It looks a lot tidier than usual in these pictures. The wall of big paintings did look quite dramatic from the far end of the studio.


Hi Barbara,

It was a great day- I sold some work, met some great people and made a connection for a group show in the new year. The only thing I had to complain about was that I wore heels! Not a good move- six hours standing on a concrete floor!

I'm glad you like Saskatoon- it is a wonderful place to live.

Nicki XO

Thank you Judy, and yes, it was a good day. I was sooooo tired at the end of it. I have gradually moved to larger canvases. I still enjoy small work and find more and more I am enjoying a bigger surface.

I didn't have a book for comments at the Open Studio, but I did have a paper where people could put their contact information. I'll add them to my contact list.

Take care,

Hi Don,

I'm pleased you enjoyed looking at these pictures. The place really cleaned up well! And you spotted my favorite and most precious creations of all. You have a keen eye!

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to leave a comment,