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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Bit O' News

So there has been a bit of excitement behind the scenes of this blog... I was approached, through email, by a lovely woman in the U.K. who wanted more info. about my work. In the end she wanted to purchase two small paintings (which I have posted before) that she found in my Slide Show; "Over The Point" (top) and "Shady River" (bottom). Clearly this was extremely exciting for me and certainly unanticipated. She was very patient as I scrambled to get myself set up on PayPal and, being the incredibly non-techy person that I am, I can't believe I figured it out (with only one email to my uber-techy Brother-In-Law!). I'm now good-to-go if this situation should present itself again. I mailed the package today and my little paintings are on their way to find a new home on the walls of a little 300 year old  English cottage! Too cool!


Kim said...

Congratulations Nicki!! A sale is always so nice. It feels great when someone has connected with your work. Beautiful pieces!

Pam Holnback said...

Congratulations on the surprise sale!

-Don said...

Sweet! Congrats, Nicki...


Janie B said...

How exciting for you! Congrats!

Linda Popple said...

She chose two beautiful paintings! Congratulations on your international sale!

jdr said...

Now I can promote you as my artistic sister with paintings over in Europe. Neat-o. I do love the ones she's bought - she made wise choices.
Mom was over for dinner last night and really liked the one you gave me (and the one Edward B. Gordon likes!) and where we have it hanging up. Love it.
I have been having difficult days at school and feel very close to "the edge" (tears, screaming, leaving ... all in one) so hopefully it will pass. 18 more days with kids ... but who's counting?!?!?!?
XO Jaguls

jdr said...

How in the world did my name appear "Jaguls" in the above post?!

suzanneberry said...

CONGRATULATIONS on a well deserved sale! Beautiful paintings, I know the woman will be thrilled. and so will the 300 year old cottage!

Nicki said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks... it's true, I am still always so blown away when someone likes my work enough that they would want to live with it.


Thanks Pam, it was a great email to find and definitely unexpected.


Thanks Don!

Hi Janie... it has been a very exciting experience... I really had no expectation of any sales from my blog therefore I had to scurry to get PayPal set up!


Thanks Linda,

I still have to smile at the idea of international sales! Who'd have thought?!


Hi Jaguls!

I really had to think when I read that! I know I have a bad memory, but I couldn't recall you having that nickname!

I'm glad you like the painting... it's super cool that Edward likes it too!!! You are one of my best supporters and I love ya!

Nicki XO

P.S. You can make it... just keep your trip in mind!

Suzanne, thanks a bunch! I'm very excited... never really expected anything like this to happen. She said she would take a picture of the paintings in her cottage when they are hung and I can hardly wait!


Thank you everyone for being so excited for me. This blog has opened me up to so many wonderful things, most importantly you! I have "met" such wonderful, and supportive people. I appreciate the comments you leave... they keep me going!

Smiles to you all,

Tammy Hext said...

Congrats Nicki - that is so amazing. You deserve it - your work is wonderful.

Artist said...

that great! it is always good to know that other people than yourself appreciate your art! wonderful two paintings there!

Nicki said...

Hi Tammy,

Thanks- it is exciting. Thanks for all of your kind comments.


Hi Artist,

Yes, it is nice to discover another person has connected with something I have done. Thanks,


Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,


No surprise to me -- you are an amazing painter.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant news Nicki, good to see you have gone international:)

Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

I still maintain that you are very good for my self-esteem!!! You are sweet. Thanks.

Big hug,

Hi Rahina,

Thanks! Who would have thought?! Not me!


Anonymous said...

This is just wonderful. Congratulations. It is very exciting to sell your work like that. I can see why she wanted these, they are awesome
peace n abundance

Nicki said...

Hi CheyAnne,

Thank you so much for your comments, I appreciate it a great deal. I went to visit your blog and really enjoyed it. You have a wonderful, positive energy. I liked your Etsy shop too.

Thank you for following me...

All the best,