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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Life Drawing Session

10 minute pose
vine charcoal on newsprint

Cheryl 2
10 minute pose
pencil on newsprint

It has been raining so much this week you would think it would have to end at some point. Today we were supposed to take part in the community garage/yard sale, but clearly that wasn't going to happen. I woke up and remembered that one of the artists from the studio had invited me to join her other art group for a life drawing session. My guys were just going to be lounging at home this morning, so I scrambled and got myself there for 9:00 (I woke up at 8:10!). I felt very nervous and extremely rusty, but it honestly felt fantastic to have my charcoal out again. I really didn't know what to expect of the set-up, so all I brought was my pad of newsprint and charcoal/graphite. We did some 30 second and one minute poses to start. My gesture skills slowly began to warm up, but are far from where I used to be years ago. The above are 10 minute studies.

Cheryl resting
20 minute pose
graphite on newsprint

Cheryl standing
20 minute pose
graphite on newsprint

Cheryl- portrait sketch
pencil on newsprint

The remaining sketches I am showing you each took about 20 minutes although I think the last one was possibly closer to 30 minutes. I used a basic HB pencil on this one- straight from my son's school supplies, so it is quite light. Sorry for the quality of the images... you can tell they are right out of the sketch pad. Let's just call them authentic!

Apparently this group is trying to meet the last Saturday of every month to do life drawing/painting sessions. I hope to attend again. I really struggled with proportions today and I need to keep up these exercises so I can continue to grow. As always, I was humbled by how much I need to learn. Cheryl was a talented model and gave us beautiful poses for the quick gesture studies at the start of the session. She had very graceful lines to her body and she was so confident!


Harry Kent said...

a nice goup of drawings, Nicki ... i especially like the searching lines rond the shoulder of the top one

i am glad you resisted the temptation to use a rubber on them because those lines tell me about your journey in 'looking' and in developing the most satisfying curvature to represent the shoulder So the drawing simultaneously tells me about the sitter AND about the artist - real layered richness. more, more!

Melanie Rawlings said...

I realy like your charcoal (top) the dark lines i enjoy working with myself. I too 'am taking a drawing class every Mon. for 4 months, and i've learned so much in the last 2 classes. This is exciting. Your values are very nice.

Linda Popple said...

Nice sketches. Life drawing is always good for me so I assume it must be good for everyone (how's that for narrow thinking!). I especially like the top sketch done with charcoal.

-Don said...

Nicely done, Nicki. I bet you felt exhausted when you finished for the day - but in a rewarding sort of way...

It's almost like riding a bike - even if you haven't done it in a few years you can still jump on and start pedaling, but you may be a little wobbly at first and feel an ache in those muscles you haven't used in a while. Keep on pedaling...


jdr said...

These are great, Nick ... reminds me of those evening classes we took! You do capture the 'realness' of the person ... and I always think that you have a way of making the skin look like skin. Glad you stayed out of the rain!
Love you!

Nicki said...

Hi Harry,

I thoroughly enjoy the comments you leave and I have been intrigued by your blog each time I stop by. If I may quote your words from your blog post on Saturday, May 29 called Rage Against The Dying of the Light... I loved: "the manner of the brush/marks betray, or rather leaks, the emotions of the painter at the time of painting them." Oooh, this is good! Thinking of brushwork this way really adds (for me) a new perspective on viewing art. Thank you!

In regard to your comments on my drawings and also keeping this quote of your words in mind... I must confess... I definitely spent some time erasing during that morning session! What that tells me about the artist is I felt very rusty and lacked confidence! But your encouraging words make me want to push on sooner rather than later.

Thanks again,


Hi Melanie and thanks. I think if/when I go again I will use the charcoal more and I will bring a large sheet of gray paper as well as some white chalk pastel. I'd love to play with shading and lights and darks. Good luck with your drawing class.

:o) Nicki

Hi Linda,

Yes, I had forgotten what a great exercise life drawing can be and I must make the time to go as regularly as possible.... (she said with the best of intentions!)

Nice to hear from you,

Hi Don,

Yes, I was tired, but rejuvenated all at once! Good analogy... I just need to stretch my muscles, but I do need to do it often enough for it to make a difference. Thar's the rub!


Hi JJ,

Thanks man! Those were the good ol' days... we had fun. We need to do something like that again so I can see you more regularly.

XO Nicki