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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Artist's Rendition

Graphite on Newsprint

I don't know why I think cutting my own bangs is a good idea. It's likely because I want to stretch out the length of time between hair cuts; partly because of the expense and partly because of the time I can't be bothered to put into the appointment. Sometimes it goes okay, and other times not so much! Those with naturally curly hair understand that shrinkage must be taken into account when any trimming is done. Unfortunately this time I didn't listen to my inner voice which was saying "Don't go any shorter than the bottom of your nose". It still looked too long, which it is when the hair is wet and pulled completely straight. However when dry and curly, well... sproing! So my friend, Chuck Dilmore, you asked for a photo and, since these days I am trying to think more of myself as an artist, I thought I would quickly jot down my interpretation of how this unfortunate event turned out. Illustrated above is that last snip, the one that took it too far and the curl that should be reaching my eyebrows, but is in fact, now held between two fingers. You're welcome.


-Don said...

Put a beard on this and it could be me!!! Only, mother nature did all my trimming for me. 8-}


Anonymous said...

i am certain this is all related to art in one way or another: i guess one of the tenets of being an artist might be one who sees but does not judge. anyway i suggest a hat rather than a beard... that's what i do:)) and my hairdresser used to sigh when she saw the mess and now doesn't even respond and accepts that i am a slow learner...

Nicki said...

Hi Don... too funny! You put another smile on my face today!

Hi Rahina,
Oh yeah, is this supposed to be an art blog? Thanks for refocusing me! And a-hat shopping I will go!

Have a great weekend, both of you!