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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brighter Days

Brighter Days
acrylic on canvas

 I made this painting as a gift for a special person who just turned the big 4-0. Unfortunately the details and brushstrokes don't show well in this image. I also think the dark edges around the clouds are not that hard in reality. As usual it looks better in person with proper light on it.

I went to the studio yesterday and after two hours or so ended up with nothing. I stunk. Surprisingly, however, I left in a great mood! I had a wonderful visit with the artist (Degen Lindner) who I used to share studio space with and who I consider to be a mentor and the person who has most influenced the artist in me. Anyway, I went back to the studio this afternoon and everything went smoothly. Thank goodness because I wanted to give this gift today! I chose to work on a little canvas I had prepared sometime ago with a dark gray ground, but had never used. It almost felt symbolic beginning with something so dark and then brightening it with layers of colour... symbolic for me and for the person I painted it for who has worked hard to come through some dark days. I do wish the clouds showed better... in them I see Degen's influence. She has this technique of gathering paint on her brush which is not quite mixed thoroughly and then, after she lays it down on the canvas, you can see these striations of colour through the brushstroke. Beautiful. I ended up with a bit of that effect in the clouds and in the foreground, but unfortunately in my hurried photography it doesn't show clearly. 

So, here is to brighter days.... full of colour and rich with layers of experiences.


Sheila said...

Now now dwelling on all the things that are negative in your opinion detracts from us enjoying this wonderful, sunshiny, and happy painting. I did like your analogy of painting over the gray with bright colors.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

Here's to brighter days. The only positive thing about hard times, is that when they end you really appreciate good times. I hope that you completely recover from the accident soon. I love this painting. A grey ground eh? Who would know. I also love your description of how Degen Lindner paints.


jdr said...

Thank you for this little gem, Nicki! Dale was walking around the house with it last night and wondering where to put it ... he truly, truly loves it. We are so excited to have our very own "Ault"!! It is just gorgeous and we love it and the talented lady who painted it!
You're the best!
XO Janet

PS Dale was beaming about the boys hugging him so much, too. He does love those little men of yours!

Chuck Dilmore said...

love your positivity!

even when you "stink"
(i never-ever think that!)
you find a stepping stone to something sweet!

love that.

hope things are great in your world!

rahina q.h. said...

i think it is an inspiring piece Nicki. photography always gives me problems and sometimes it is how colours are interpreted by the nonhuman eye that is the problem.

Nicki said...

Hi Sheila,
It's funny you should make that comment because later the same night I made this post I was thinking that I shouldn't post something if I think the photo doesn't do it justice. I was kind of beating myself up a bit for being negative. I'm glad, at least, that it comes through as being "sunshiny and happy". Thanks!

Hi Barbara,
It's true about hard times and I have said something similar before and it's nice to be reminded of it. I have thought in the past that if you never had bad times you would not actually be able to recognize the good times because everything would always be the same.

Hi JJ,
I'm glad he likes it and that you do too. And it was very precious to watch the kids snuggling uncle so much. They do love him!

Hi Chuck,
You always have such a kind way of saying things. Thanks. It is nice to be a more positive head space again, which is my usual way of "being".

Hi Rahina,
Thanks so much. And I think what you say is true about photography. Plus I have also been taking my pics lately without a tripod, so any movement can blur the details just that much so they don't show as well.

Thanks for all of your comments everyone! It is great to hear from you.