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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Galleries and Playgrounds- A Good Day

After a morning of being domestic (laundry, dishes, tidying) I spontaneously decided there was no time like the present to pack the kids in the van with a mittful of candy, a DVD in the player and head out on a little road trip. I had been wanting to get out to Rosthern, a town a 1/2 hour away, to check out a group show that some friends have right now at the Station Arts Centre. They call their group "Men Who Paint" and they are really terrific landscape artists. It was great fun to see their work all framed up and looking so official. Of course I saw a few pieces I would like to add to my fledgling art collection, but I didn't commit to anything.

The kids had been so good for me so I took them to a nearby playground at a Regional Valley Park and they had a blast. There was even a zip-line! Sammy really wanted to try, but had to build up his courage. He finally did it and thought it was so awesome he proceeded to do it 3 more times! Little Tommy decided not to and that was fine by me because I wasn't sure he could hold on the whole way.  

It dawned on me while at the gallery today that I still have loads to do for my upcoming show. Since the theme of the day was " there is no time like the present", I went to the studio after supper, put my head down and got working on the tasks associated with painting. All that finishing work that is necessary, but not creative. I signed and varnished 14 paintings and packed them up to bring home so that I can hopefully get some decent photos taken over the weekend. Once that is done I have to make arrangements for framing. And I still have come up with names and pricing. There are still 3 paintings at the studio which may or may not be finished. My show is running from November 1- December 17, so time is ticking and I need to get all of these things sorted out. The paintings will all be landscape images from the Boreal forest in Northern Saskatchewan. The following painting is likely going to be part of the show (I think I need to retake this photo- there seems to be a glare on the top right corner).

The Gift
acrylic on canvas

This one is 24x30" and is acrylic on canvas. This was the most spectacular fungus; there were actually five layers growing with the largest being the size of a dinner plate. My friend Steve took me to see it and it was like receiving a wonderful gift. As long as there is nature I will never be bored.

I am already beginning to think I may need to start a second blog! One that is more directly about my art; one with smaller entries and more images. Hmmm... must think some more.


Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

I really like your work. Thanks so much for coming to my blog, and good luck on your show. I hope you sell absolutely everything!

Take care,


Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

Oh my, thank you so much for stopping by! I feel quite honoured! Truly... thank you for taking a look.