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Friday, March 7, 2014

A Day of Barguing

Bargue #3
gestural construct
graphite on bond paper

About a month ago I began my third Bargue drawing (based on the Charles Bargue drawing course) at Atelier 2302. I absolutely love this plate and hope that I will be able to do it justice. The second Bargue I worked on increased in difficulty from the first Bargue and now this third one is upping the ante yet again. Basically I am now at the level where the horizontal and vertical grid used for measuring is gone, I am creating my own gestural construct as opposed to copying it and I am enlarging the image so it is no longer one-to-one measurement. Yowsie! 

In the image above I am working out the gestural construct which is the start of the drawing (the image I am showing you is slightly further along than the initial gestural construct). Everything is kept very simple at this initial stage- mostly finding the outside shapes and the essence of the subject in as few lines as possible. Here all of the big shapes are determined, these will then contain all of the smaller shapes that will be worked out in the articulated construct. Working from big to small- that's what I am doing. Comparative measure is used to get this work done. A unit of measurement is chosen on the plate- I chose the lower right-hand vertical section of the base on which the figure is sitting. I enlarged it by about 25-30% when I moved that measurement over to the bond paper and now all else will be compared to that as I move lines and shapes over. It is hard to describe- sorry I am not doing a great job. Also, sorry my drawing is rather light and hard to see at this point.

I never seem to have the time (or make the time) to work on my drawing at home so I have decided to add in the Thursday afternoon drawing class this way Thursday is now a full day dedicated to the Bargues and my learning at the Atelier. I am usually a fairly patient person, but I really want to progress a bit more rapidly as I make my way to painting the figure.

Next stage of the Bargue tomorrow.

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