Monday, December 30, 2013

Rushing Water, Georgian Bay

Rushing Water, Georgian Bay
30 x 30"
acrylic on canvas
© Nicki Ault, 2013

This is one of my favorite paintings from my trip... I had so much fun working on it and layering all of the colours and drips that show through the top layers. I tried to remain true to one of my goals which was to stay loose and keep some of the under-painting qualities. I also tried to use my colour theory and think about values and how the light would hit the plains of the boulders. It was challenging and exciting all at once. I am really happy with how the rushing water in the background came out- I was nervous about that part because, really, how do you paint rushing water??? Anyway, hope you, like it!


Barbara Muir said...

Love it Nicki,

You are so amazing with water, and all that you do. Bowing in admiration.

XOXOXO Barbara

Nicki said...

Thank you Barbara! You are and always have been such a great support to me. Hugs to you! XO

Pierre Raby said...

Love this one a lot Nicki, there is a pastel (medium) feeling to it!
So vibrant and fresh!

Nicki said...

I'm glad you like it Pierre, it's one of my personal favorites from the trip. I agree that it has a pastel quality to it. Actually so does the painting "Moody on Flat Rock Beach, Georgian Bay"- especially in person.

Take care,