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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day One Continues With Two More Paintings

Roadside Water
6 x 6"
acrylic on board
© Nicki Ault, 2012

I was feeling a smidge deflated as the first day of the Abstract Expressionism class wrapped up. I felt overwhelmed, out of my league and a general sense of "What am I doing here?". As if knowing it would help, a friend offered to take me out plein air painting after supper and before the light was gone for the day. A little flash of excitement went through me and I asked him if he could take me somewhere with water which he said was no problem. You see, in that moment I realized water has inspired some of the only abstract work I have done and maybe, just maybe, it could be a jumping off point for me now.

We drove around and checked out a few locations (with the added bonus of also seeing a deer, porcupine and some buffalo) and settled on a marsh that was a new spot for him too. It was a bit of a gray evening, but calm and beautiful. The water was very still so I focussed on the lines of the dead, water-logged trees in the reflection. I did this quick little study (above) and then I pulled out a larger support and did a similar composition, but used more colour. 

16 x 16"
acrylic on cradled panel
© Nicki Ault, 2012

It was fun and time went so fast! The light really began to fade... and the mosquitoes were appearing. As I finished, I wasn't even sure anymore what colours I was mixing. How much fun is that?!!! I really need to paint outside more often. I love it all: the sounds, the smells, the changing light, seeing animals... the pure adventure of it. Happy!

I went back to campus feeling rejuvenated and like maybe I would be able to get into this abstract business after all.


Kim Rempel said...

There's something really quite lyrical and interesting with these two. I know what you mean about reflections because when I see what you're doing it's like how I feel about branches. I love the negative spaces and how they create all these off-kilter connected shapes.

Nicki said...

Thank you Kim! I felt really excited at the end of the evening, Talk about a roller-coaster ride of emotions on that first day! Yes, when you describe the branches and negative spaces like that I can also see that connection in some of your work. I can hardly wait to show you my last painting of the week... but first things first!