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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two Down

acrylic on canvas
(update: for a better quality image see this post)

I made it to the studio a few days this week and was able to get the second painting done for the commission I am working on. Well, it's basically done... now that I see it on the screen I think I may have to glaze over the stems again to make them appear more submerged.

I forgot to mention in my last post that I finally put to use a tube of paint I bought ages ago, but never quite knew what to do with. It is called Iridescent Pearl and it's really quite beautiful. I ended up using a small amount on each fish- to give the scales an iridescent shimmer. On this painting I ended up putting the slightest touch on the tips of some of the petals, just to tie the two paintings together. I think generally it is a colour that should be used in moderation, but especially in this circumstance when it is a gift for a man. I'm not too sure how much razzmatazz he would appreciate on his paintings!

Which got me thinking: I wonder when the shift happens for boys? When do they stop enjoying sparkly things? I know my kids love anything shiny when they are doing crafts and my sister, who teaches Grade One, says year after year the boys in her classes can't get enough of anything glittery. It's really quite cute. Just this week Sammy brought home a workbook on the Wright Brothers and their inventions which he completed in his Grade Two class. On one page he was supposed to list what he felt were "Other Useful Inventions" and his short list made me smile:

- tradeing cards
- toylets
- glitter glue


Tammy Hext said...

Nicki these are fabulous - cannot wait to see the third one.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

I'm not sure boys ever get over liking sparkly things. After all they love cars, trucks, airplanes and almost anything shiny. You don't see as many women out polishing their cars to perfection as you do men.

You probably could have laid on the iridescent paint. You are great.
Super painting, and blog.


I agree with your son.

-Don said...

Nicki, You're on a roll! This is quite lovely and will go very well with the koi painting. I love that you're experimenting with color you haven't used before and having good results. I'll be using Iridescent Pearl and Iridescent Brilliant Gold in the mask I'm currently putting together. I can't wait to see how they work.

I agree with Barbara about boys and sparkly things. It never ends, it just evolves...

Thanks for your WONDERFUL comment today on my blog. It made my day.


Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

Nice to hear from you... I know you have been so busy. Thank you for swinging by.

I smiled over your comment because it is true- boys just like different shiny things as they get older! I was stuck thinking about glitter, sparkles and sequins that little guys like to gob on their art projects.

Thanks for your kind words.

XO Nicki

Hi Don,

I'm glad you like this one too. The third one has me a bit stumped, but I'll get there. I hope you have good luck with the new colours- it was fun for me to branch out a bit.

My comment was sincere- glad it made you happy.


jdr said...

Hi Nick ... yes, the grade one boys cannot get enough sequins, stick on gems, glitter glue onto their Father's Day cards they are making this week. I love it, and, quite frankly, encourage it because I know pretty soon the boys will get teased for using pink or purple, for glittering their pictures, etc. It always makes me smile when one of my male students chooses a tube of glitter glue over a sucker or a toy when choosing from my "treat basket". I love grade ones because they are so pure and honest. I LOVE my Sammy's list of inventions ... he is so sweet it makes my heart ache.
Now about the picture .... I think it is beautiful. I think the flower looks so delicate and I love the various greens on the leaves. The very top left triangle of water seems to get washed out a bit, but I think that is more the photo than the painting. I think it will be a nice compliment to the fish. Keep going ... can't wait to see the 3rd.
Love you!

Nicki said...

Hi Tammy.... oh my, how did I miss you before??? So sorry!

Thank you for stopping by again- I'm glad you like this one... hopefully the third one will be a charm and finish them off in a grand finale way!


Hi JJ,

The Grade Ones are lucky to have you because you appreciate the finer points of their age group! And my boys are lucky to have you too!

I think it may be the photo as well, but I will have another look at it when I go to the studio tomorrow just in case it does need a tweak.

XO Nicki