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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Feature At Assiniboia Gallery and Getting Something Off My Chest Part II

Lakeland Light 
© Nicki Ault, 2019

Between the big solo shows planned for this year, Assiniboia Gallery is doing a few smaller monthly features on some of their artists and I am the "Feature Artist" in March! Preparing paintings for this has been my main focus over the last couple of months. I will be taking new work down to Regina next week including the largest painting of the bunch, "Lakeland Light", 36x48 (detail above).

In other news, as I could have predicted, I am now feeling a bit silly about my blog post the other day. As much as I needed to get those things off my chest, I am not sure it was a constructive undertaking other than the small release it gave me from my anger.

I wrote my last blog post to express thoughts and concerns about how rough the art community can be on itself. I have definitely struggled with the notion that, in general, the art world at large looks down its nose at landscape painters, but then when other landscape painters within our smaller community take that a step further and look down their nose at "beautiful" landscapes, well, let's just say the rage has been building.

The thing is, I love landscapes. Right now they are the vehicle, or muse even, that resonates with me as a way to explore light, mood and emotion in my paintings. And since I don't have any interest in painting something that isn't of beauty, I will stay the course.

All I know is anger isn't a good look on me or anyone else, and sequestering myself from the community isn't the answer either. So on my "To Do" list:

1) Get through this rough patch of S.A.D.
2) Help my son with his physio
3) Explore more ideas in the back of my head using Landscape as my muse
4) Take deep breaths and let things truly roll off me when I feel "dissed" or...
5) Politely ask for clarification when I feel I have taken a jab
6) Look for a "yoga with goats" class to help with my anxiety... or maybe a coffee shop with kittens :)

and maybe most important of all...

7) Focus more on how supportive the art community can be. Somehow I allowed myself to veer off course in this regard and pay too much attention to the negative side of things. Thanks for the many emails, messages, texts and comments - they were a great reminder of this very thing.


Bernie Cruikshank said...

Congrats on the single show!! As I have said before I love your work. It speaks to my heart.
Blogging or chatting with a friend or writing a journal entry // whatever it takes to let go of anger. As you said so well it just doesn’t look good on any of us. Good on your for refocusing and making a list to stay on target.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi NIcki,

I'm sorry I must have missed all that. Alyson Stanfield the Art Biz Success lady writes about the problem of getting known in a critical art world. I know that we should be making rocket ships out of spaghetti, or making lego dachshunds, but some of us express ourselves by capturing beauty. No beautiful landscapes? Huh. Yet we all revere The Group of Seven. I have seen this stuff close up, in my artistic life, and working for an art magazine. Sometimes I think of the song "The King is in the altogether!" It is nonsense. Don't react. When they go low, you go high. Your work is magnificent. Landscapes matter. You inspire the hell out of me.
I so love your work.



Barbara Muir said...

I signed it twice because my son called in the middle of writing my response. I love your work. Hang In.


Unknown said...

Read Part I and Part II. It's called 'breaking eggs', sometimes you just need to say what you need to say, then you can move forward. Congratulations on all your work and dedication for growing your business, gallery representations, exhibitions and artworks! Bonnie Conly

Nicki said...

Thanks Bernie, I appreciate your support and kind messages. I am very curious about the idea of writing in a journal again, thanks to you mentioning this idea. I know it was a helpful tool when I was younger. I think this year for me will be about exploring and gaining balance.

Nicki said...

Hi Barbara, thank you for your unwavering support. Can you believe it has almost been eight years since we met? You are a wonder and your art is pure joy. I am so bad at keeping in touch, but I truly appreciate how good you are at it!

The Group of Seven - swoon!


Nicki said...

Hi Bonnie, I had never heard that term "breaking eggs" before. I do think these blog posts, especially the first, has helped me get unstuck. I feel I can get on with it now.

Remember when we met at Kenderdine? Oh how I miss that place. I love how you have continued with your art even though you have been so busy with your teaching career. Are you retiring soon? I feel like I heard that you were.

Thanks for your message.

Barbara Muir said...

HI Nicki,

I do believe it. What wonderful friendships through art were former, or
continued after that powerful (and admittedly also strange) experience. I
feel blessed to know you, and filled with joy whenever I see your work.