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Webster Galleries in Calgary, Unit 2 625-77th Ave. SE

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Friday, June 1, 2018

The Grid Sold!!! Thank You DBG!

empty grid at Darrell Bell Gallery!

So this happened!!!

On April 12th I received a text from Laura at Darrell Bell Gallery saying that an architect/designer from Winnipeg had been in and basically put the grid "on hold"! He was going to present the idea of an installation of twenty 8x8 paintings to his client!!! Darrell Bell and his team had to take down the twenty-five piece grid while the twenty were on hold because it would have looked silly leaving the remaining five dangling on the wall. To fill the space, I rushed over paintings of various sizes that I had on hand at the studio. By April 19th the answer came back and it was yes! The paintings were packed and shipped and now the grid is officially installed in the reception area of Johnston Group, Inc. in Winnipeg!

A woman who works at Johnston Group tagged me on Instagram when the art was installed and gave me permission to share her images. Thank you Karen!

Needless to say, however, I was not anticipating this and had zero 8x8's on hand to even begin replacing the grid and not even any boards prepped to begin painting on! I tried not to stress about it because at least the work I rushed over was filling the space in the meantime (below), but still, I really wanted to get another grid up in time for Mother's Day weekend.

I had my son prepare my boards one evening while I continued to paint for the Assiniboia show and then a week before Mother's Day I went on a marathon painting spree and produced nineteen new 8x8's! It was a crazy time! Not a lot of sleep or proper meals, but thankfully good playlists got me through. I haven't had a chance to post the new work... and I know a few have already sold, but here are eighteen of the nineteen in two quick collages:

I am just so thrilled and so grateful! I have always wanted this to happen; to have someone see the grid as one big piece of art in its own right.  

Thank you so much Darrell, Laura, Maja and Moira for the amazing customer care you give people who walk through your doors. And thank you for representing me and my work with such great enthusiasm! You have made a little dream come true.

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