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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow

Here it is.... the invitation to my show at Moka Coffee Bar! My most excellent brother-in-law helped me out once more. What would have taken me hours and hours to pull together, he did in a matter of minutes. His super cool program picked the colours right out of the painting which we then used for the other areas of the invitation. I was not hip to this kind of technology so I was quite dazzled by the end of our design session.

If you happen to be in Saskatoon in the next two months check it out and let me know what you think. More specifically if you are here on Sunday, December 12 stop by and say "hi" at the opening. I'll be there from 6:30-8:30 p.m. trying desperately, and probably unsuccessfully, to avoid the peanut butter pie and yummy fancy coffees! 


-Don said...

What an outstanding invitation! It's simple, and that's what makes it work so well. I've always been an advocate of "less is more" and you guys pulled it off perfectly. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have such an excellent image to include.

Good luck on the show. I WISH I could be at the opening, but alas, it's a little bit of a drive from here...


Tammy Hext said...

Congrats on the show Nicki. The invite looks amazing! I wish I was close enough to come see.

Pierre Raby said...

Looks great!
Best of luck with the show Nicki!

Kim said...

Good luck! Wish I was closer. The invite looks spectacular.

suzanneberry said...

oh my i do love this invite! your painting and the black with blue copy is stunning. beautiful job bro-in-law! congratulations and best of luck. i do wish i could be there to see your most incredible work in person.

Judy Adamson said...

Good luck, Nicki - I'm sure it'll be another great success!

Nicki said...

Don, thanks! Coming from a guy who knows what he is doing with graphic design, I really appreciate it. I totally agree that less is more (unless we are talking about whipped cream on dessert!)

Come on now... you could have handled the drive to Canada... what you are really avoiding is the weather!


Thanks Tammy- I'm glad you like the invitation. Of course if you were close enough I would love to see you there!


Hi Pierre,

I appreciate your good wishes.


Hi Kim,

Thanks for saying you like the invitation- it is always great to get such positive feedback.

Suzanne, thanks! Yes, my brother-in-law is a wizard! Wish you could be here too.


Hi Judy, I hope so and thanks!

Thank you everyone so much for your enthusiasm over this invitation and show. You are the best!


Harry Kent said...

Definitely a class act, Nicki. I'm so pleased to read that the opening went well, with good appreciative company, even though the weather was against you.

Nicki said...

Hi Harry,

Thank you! It was a lovely evening and I even stayed later to visit a good friend I hadn't seen in awhile.