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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunbeam On Moss Bed

Sunbeam On Moss Bed
oil on MDF board
© Nicki Ault, 2010

Sunbeam On Moss Bed
oil on MDF Board
© Nicki Ault, 2010

I needed to go small the other day at the studio. Everything I have been working on for my upcoming show has been quite large. It sounds strange, but I wanted to do something loose, quick and free... so I went small! Actually I think the reason I went small was because I decided to make it a "Twenty Minute Challenge" and that always makes me work a bit quicker. The top image is how far I got when my handy-dandy Ikea timer rang at twenty minutes in. The second image is the (possibly) finished painting after I put in about another hour or so. My apologies both photos are not the best quality. My camera has not been the same since I had it repaired.

Thanks to everyone who has been leaving such wonderful and supportive comments lately. Without boring you with the details, I could really use some positive energy in my life these days and it gives me such a boost to get feedback on my posts. I'm sorry I haven't been that good at reciprocating; I'll get back on track soon. Thanks again.


Judy Adamson said...

I love the way you take just a part of what would often be a whole picture and form it into a very satisfying composition! The second version looks finished to me - but then only you can know if it is!

jdr said...

I love these both ... I think you are so good at making the sunlight look so real (like in your previous post ... love it!).
I am sending you tons of positive energy but I am also missing you "fo sho"!!!!
Sorry I can't watch the boys tomorrow night ... I've heard amazing reviews of "Mamma Mia" from some of the parents who were there yesterday. You'll love it.
I love you!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

I love both the 20 minute and the more sustained painting.


Nicki said...

Hi Judy,

Thank you! I do love to find unusual and interesting (to me) compositions. I'm not that interested in painting a broad panoramic view of the landscape- I like finding treasures within the landscape.


Hi JJ,

I like both versions too. I'm glad the sunlight is "reading".

I am so excited to see Mama Mia. I know John will love it. Too fun.


Thank you Barbara! I am sorry if I took up too much space with the comment I left on your post. I couldn't shut myself up!

Nicki XO

Artist said...

beautiful painting! i always like doing the twenty minute challenge because it teaches me that less is more! i actually think that your twenty minute painting portrays way more life than your hour one!but wonderful job on both!

Anonymous said...

i think you know me well enough to know i'll speak my mind... finished? yes, to my mind, this is complete in every sense, it delights the eye and needs no dialogue... it's beautiful and serene Nicki. as for positive energy... you got sooooo much Nicki and it is the nature of the trade: we go down, and then we know there is only one way... up! and with this one you are soaring;)

Nicki said...

Hi Artist,

Nice to hear from you again. Thanks... and I kind of agree with your comment, except the first one just didn't fell finished to me so I kept going.


Hi Rahina,

Why thank you my friend! I really appreciate your words and I know that you have a good eye, so your comment means a lot. Thanks for taking the time.