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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kenderdine Birches

Kenderdine Birches
oil on panel

And now number three of the four tree top studies I did using the limited palette of Cad. Yellow light, Crimson, Phthalo Blue, Yellow Ochre and Titanium White. I don't actually think the Yellow Ochre got in much on this one. This is another painting on a MDF board primed with GAC-100 by Golden, so the colour of the board peaks through here and there. This happened to be Degen's favorite of the four (my instructor) I did that day. 

It really hit home for me on these two intitial days up at Emma Lake just how much I enjoy painting en plein air. I love it. I love the fresh air, the sounds of the world around me, the warmth of the sun, the push I feel to work quickly and capture what I see in front of me. It's exciting and inspirational- that is until I inadvertently set up on top of an ant hill! Yup, and that is just what happened that delightful morning on Kenderdine Campus! I was happily painting away with no worries, just swatting the odd mosquito. Once in a while I felt something ticklish on my leg and I would brush it off, but soon it became more and more frequent until it began to drive me a bit nuts. Finally I looked down and ants were all over me!!! My shoes and pant legs were covered, and there were already a few on my paint shirt. Obviously some ants had gone up the leg of my jeans and that is what I felt tickling my leg; I literally had ants in my pants! And yes, I screamed... it wasn't primal, but it was a scream. 

Stay tuned for more plein air adventures...     


-Don said...

Well, this one stacks up quite nicely with Pine and Fancy. I can see why it was a favorite of your instructors. The composition is excellent and the colors are great. I really like the touches of red in the trunks which compliment the greens so nicely. I'll have to call this a co-current-favorite... :-D


Anonymous said...

love these tree tops Nicki! and the info on your palette is always useful to understand what is used as the camera and computer screen can vary the colours. looking forward to seeing more of your work.... and btw, thanks for the laugh:))

Kim said...

Ouch! Geesh, that's a plein air adventure I haven't had!I really like this piece Nicki. I think it's the gesture in the trunks and branches. And your colouring on the birch bark is lovely too : )

Linda Popple said...

YIKES! Ants in your pants! Not good. However, your painting is great. This is such a nice series with your beautifully limited palette. Well done despite those little creatures!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

You are funny! Ants -- not fun. But I loved the lead up to that -- enjoying the sights and sounds. Too funny. A superb painting as always.
You are toooo good.


Nicki said...

Hi Don,

A co-current favorite! How cool is that! Thank you for being specific about what you liked about it.


Hi Rahina,

You're welcome for the laugh... there may be another story soon that also gives you a smile, so come back...

It's true, everyone's monitor is differently calibrated and although I try to get a good representation when I look at the images on my computer, who knows what they look like on another. And now that I have been using oils a bit I definitely find that the beautiful richness of the paint is lost in translation. The good news is that if someone likes the painting on the computer, they are bound to like it even more in person.

Take care,


Hi Kim,

Thank so much- I really love birches and I am fascinated by the uniqueness of each and every one of them.

Thanks for swinging by.


Hi Linda,

The limited palette was a fun exercise and I want to play more with it this winter, maybe even try a different combination of primaries.

I felt like a plein air warrior after battling so many ants!

:0) Nicki

Hi Barbara,

Hee hee. The ants are funny now at that moment it wasn't that funny. Well, I was probably giggling about it five minutes later and happy to have a little story for my blog!

Glad you like this painting,

Nicki XO

suzanneberry said...

Hilarious post Nicki! I really was feeling envious, the fresh air, the beauty of the outdoors and then ewoooo! Did they bite? How dreadful for you. It did not affect your work one teeny bit...or should i say teeny bite, this is just beautiful.

jdr said...

Hey, Nick ... this is just beautiful. I really like the deep colours on the lower right hand trees.

As a grade one teacher, I know your story of "ants in the pants" would get a rousing laugh from my students. Maybe you could join me on my comedy tour for the 6-year-old set, since I know exactly what makes them giggle!!!!

I love your Sammy story from last night - I can't get enough of it!
Have a good day!
Love you!

Nicki said...

Hi Suzanne,

Hee hee. Thanks... I'm glad you liked the story. No they didn't bite! Thank goodness... in that case the scream might have been primal!


Hi JJ,

Yup, you do know 6 year old humour! Maybe we should go on the road with some of the material we have accumulated between the two of us. Alvin, Simon... Theodore!!!

XO Nicki